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Bailer Springs

I've got the new springs and I've watched the youtube video of installation. I still can't get the loop of the spring over the hook that used to hold the o-ring. What am I not doing?


I'll be changing my bailer soon (O rings failed) and was not aware of the Rooster spring. Which spring system is better ? (or are they pretty much the same ?)

What you have to do is squeeze the spring together as your putting it onto the peg, this enlarges the springs hole & fits the peg much easier.
I'm guessing my bailor is too new for the plastic hooks to allow the loop in the spring to slide on. Closing the spring didn't do anything, but opening the spring and a great deal of effort did get the springs on. However the thing works much better now and the springs sure seem worth the effort.

Thanks for the help.


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I use the springs supplied by Stephen Green and they work very well. i have not seen the rooster springs.

The ones from Stephen are colour coded red and green so you get tem on the right way....
I haven't heard this before; you have to hook the spring eye under the chute hook and rotate it upward. You cannot just push it straight on.

Hope that helps.


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Mine are C-Spring brand springs. I did try to hook the spring under the hook and rotate it but the edges of the hook were too wide for the loop in the spring. I'm wondering if my bailor was too new or if it was one of those "illegal" ones.
I haven't heard of these; they are not my LaserSmartParts brand shown in the top YouTube video.

Legal bailers are Movevirgo or Nautos


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Kudos to whoever designed these.

I must have bought a set of these five years ago, intending to install them "the next time the o-rings gave out". Believe it or not, I haven't needed to replace the o-rings all this time. Storing the boat in my garage with the bailer closed seemed to minimize the stress on the o-rings (not recommended it you store your boat outside). They are still in one piece, though they have lost their elasticity.

Took a little fiddling and watching a couple of videos, but they work perfectly. It's almost like it was designed with the springs from the get go.

I think I've been playing with opening and closing it for five minutes straight.