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I have a 1970 Sunfish and I try to use the bailer to remove the water that got in by splashing over the deck. Wile under way I unscrew the melt bailer plug (depersia automatic bailer) and the little plastic ball pop out. I put the ball back in and unscrew the plug half way thinking that the plug has holes drill in the sides there the threads are that the water would start to drain but it did not.

Any answer would be great help.

:eek: Thanks
There should be a large rubber washer inside the bailer to stop the ball from popping out and to seal the bailer from water when the ball floats up and presses against the washer hole (doesn't work too well). I used a hose washer which I trimmed to fit the bailer. Don't expect zero water to come up into the cockpit when moving slowly. I've sailed on boats that had no bailer at all (at resorts) with no problem except wet feet.
More: The bailer cap does have holes in the side to drain the water so that the whole cap need not be removed. The water won't drain until you are moving fast, preferably on port tack.
Actually upwind you'll get little or no water removal. The bailer works best downwind or on a reach.
I prefer the newer plastic bailer to the older metal one as I can keep it plugged going upwind and them quickly pop it open for the reaching legs. It's also closer to the bottom of the cockpit so it drains more water from the cockpit.