bad kharma? (name change on sailboat)

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i've heard that changing the name of a sailboat is bad luck..

any stories out there of buying a new boat, changing her name and then having a bad fortune?:confused:
I've had 5 keel boats and changed the name on all of them, no evil ensued at least not yet. The problem is you never know whether that toothache or the premature balding was the result of name changing, or just normal bad luck.
Yes, I believe changing the name involves a lot of alcohol - pouring it down your throat, pouring it on the boat, pouring it over the side. Chants, incantations, offerings to've gotta do it right or there will be trouble!


I lit a Tiki candle. Also, you are not supposed to take the old name off until ready to put the new one on. Keeps the evil spirits out of the hull, I guess. Boat is fine so far.


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Do you really want to chance it? I did a name change ceromony on my big boat and It's not even done being overhauled or even gotten wet snce I've owned it.
one of the boats i sail was named maartje,after we paint it we didn't write the name on it so now everyone is calling it no name and the boat is doing even better it doesn't be the name that gives you luck it's the way you handle your boat:D
My dad changed the name of his beneteau first 310.

Needless to say it was struck by lightning 2 weeks after it was put into the water after spending the winter putting new barrier coat and paint on it.

Blew out all the electronics and busted some of the gelcoat on the bottom.

The boat apparently had "a lightning ground" on one shroud, but it went down the other side.
:)**** happens,maybe it's so i don't know but for the record just don't chance the name. its easy if u blieve in those things just don't do it. do believe but it's not the same with all name changes i don't know it can be the new name is ugly or so just thing good about it before changing