Bad Day At Atwood Lake, OH

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Well on Sunday we had a wicked wind storm here in NE Ohio. Many trees down and alot of people without power. After work Monday morning I made a trip to the lake to check on my boat. As I walked down the path to the dock something didn't look right. Then I saw it, or what was left of it. The dock had broken apart releasing the back of the boat. This allowed it to swing around and have the stern take a beating on the rocky shorline. My brand new Honda 2HP was ripped off the stern and laying in the bottom of the boat, which is better than the bottom of the lake I guess. It seemed to have taken a good roughing up first. That leads to the stern. The bottom of the boat is pretty scratched up and dinged up. The rear edge below the self bailers is beat to death and there is a crack along the back where transome line is. The good side is it doesn't seem to be taking on water or if so it is very slowly. The motor got me to the marina to get it on the trailer and get it home, but it had a horrible vibration and was leaking oil. There was alot of damage to several othe docks and boats around mine. Some other docks are gone and I saw at least one boat that was still visible, but abviously resting on the bottom. Here are a couple of pics.

That is just too horrible to look at... My heart goes out to you/your battered boat.

Good news that it doesn't seem to be taking on water... Some gel coat repair, and some clean up though (rub rail), you might have her bristol again in no time. Motor, maybe is just waterlogged into the carb?

Must have been a helluva storm.
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Well just a quick update. The insurance adjuster was out yesterday and it doesn't look good. He is expecting to total the boat and most likely the motor as well, as soon as the estimate from the marina comes back. He is going on vacation for 2 weeks so I'll have to sit and wait and sulk unhappily on dry land.:(
Boat looks like an easy fix from the damage shown in the pictures. Resin, gelcoat and fiberglass are easy to work with (even I can do it). I hope it all works out for you. Good luck.:)
Sorry to hear about your boat. If your boat is totaled and you are looking for to buy another model 2 I have a 1992 Model 2 with a roller furling jib same color as your boat that I am thinking about selling. I live in Macedonia, Ohio about 1/2 hour north of you. Send me a PM if you are interested.



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Yes in the pics it looks better than it is. The back 6" or so has become very very spongy. I got a call from the marina on Fri. The hull repair is estimated at $1071+ tax. So in my mind it is a loss. Most likely I will attempt to salvage hardware, rigging, sails, ect. These things I will probably try to sell or reuse.
I will keep you in mind if I go that route. My wife and I are seriously considering going with a Catalina Capri 18 or 22 depending upon what we can find used.