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Hi, I am a very painful lower back (so I should probably sell my laser) Besides that solution, do the class rules allow for a lower back brace/support to be worn. I am not sure as the rules seem only to make reference to aiding the hiking postion, which a back support would not do, it would merely help in stopping me from scaring other competitors by screaming all the way around the course.

Any comment/thoughts would be good.

If permitted does anyone know a good support to wear?

I see Queensport have a "Spider" hiking pant, which they market as providing back support (which also lends to the idea that it is legal.)
Yeah not sure if this belongs here either. Yes you can wear a back support to go sailing. Is it advised? That depends on your back. How trashed is it? Should you be sailing? These are better questions answered by your doctor.
Does a back support aid in hiking? Probabley not. Will it make you faster? Probabley not. Will it enable you too sail? It might help. If back supports are not allowed then a lot of the fleet with elbow, anckle or knee injuries wearing their braces should also not be allowed to compete. In fact Ben Ainsley with his anckle supports on in his book would be illegal. These add support to injuries. Make sure that the added weight does not put you overthe ISAF limit for clothing. That would be illegal.

I am not a class measurer. Go Sailing! Be healthy about it.


Ross B

i used to wear neopreane ankle braces cuz i wear booties, and it was very nice and comfortable, i stoped wearing them cuz they fell apart, back brace would be nice, anyone know if they are legal?
They already make a great backsupport, its called a trapeze harness, go a buy yourself one of those catamaran thingys and try not to fall asleep while sailing upwind. Remember to wave to the poor sods slogging it out upwind in their Lasers but dont laugh to loud. :cool:
you're joking rite, all i hear is that the laser is the most painful boat in the world for aches and pains, loadsa people get back injuries and muscle aches, hell i got them already and im only 16! its all the hiking we have to do
Murphs said:
Emankcin and Laserite both have the same real name lol

Im with James, lasers are painful

Yes, OI am one in the same person. Changed my username recently.

The reason why my back feels better is due to the improvement in the support muscles around my back, brought about by sailing a laser.

Laseres can as wee all know be painful, but they also increase strength and in my case help support my back by increasing strength in and around my back. Obviously this will not work for all, perhaps I was just lucky.