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I just bought a 1966 Sunfish that is in outstanding condition and all original. It has been stored for at least 35 years. The sail is dry rotted but is the original sail. The only parts missing is the cap and ball for the self bailer. The rudder and daggerboard have almost no scratches and look like new. I had a 1973 Sunfish when my sons were growing up and we used it all the time. Looking forward to sailing in all the lakes here in the Ocala National Forest as well as out in the gulf. So glad i found this forum with other Sunfish sailors. I will be changing my pic as soon as i get her in the water.


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These boats are pretty incredible in how long they can last with very little maintenance. Our old Sunfish in Wisconsin has been in the family for forty three years. The bridle broke back in 2008 and I replaced it with a line. Last summer, after I capsized it, the sail started to tear. I bought a new red and white paneled sail from LP and called the Post Office in Wisconsin and found out it arrived today! Can't wait to get there and sail with the new sail. Also sent some new line and other things to make some updates. Post some photos as many forum members will be interested. Beautiful looking boat!
welcome to the forum, Mr. Bill! this is a great place to learn about tips/tricks for sailing, repairs, trailering, etc.
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Hey Mediocre Fred, the Mai Tai would look good on your boat. I thought about the Mai Tai as it is so colorful like the original sail on our old Sunfish. I had my heart set on the red and white as it's the color of my Dad's first Sunfish. Kinda want to get a spare for my new boat here in California.


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Mediocre Fred our sailmaker could make you a lateen sail in custom colors, he's made a few for us, they used to run around $400 and they have a great cut. One sail combo we liked on our lil yella boat was orange and yellow. The sail was shot so we replaced it, but it looked good from a galloping horse.


There used to be a sail in these colors, can't remember the name, it looked good.

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jest sayin...yellow and black go well together...



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Wow everyone thanks for the great responses. I just bought the boat so I'm not sure when I'll need the new sail, but I might as well start looking to stock up on an extra one. I have a slightly used red, white, and blue Sunfish sail that will certanily work for it's job, but it will clash a little haha.