Baby Bob installed with just a drill!!!

pat earing

Can't we sail the Capri instead?
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Used the factory brackets from Hobie. Took them off the float and mounted them to the Capri mast at the top drilled new holes centered in the bracket. Then I eyeballed the float to the bracket, made some small bends with channel locks and marked the new holes for the float mounts. Removed mounts, drilled new holes, re installed brackets and mast cap. Used silicone on the float screws and mounted it. Done-less than a hour of messing around.

I will get some pictures later this week.


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Hi Pat

Thanks for posting the photos of your Baby Bob project. I am assuming you mounted the bracket back to the baby bob using the float's existing holes and screws. Is that correct?

pat earing

Can't we sail the Capri instead?
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Yes. They have threadserts in the plastic. I had to re drill holes due to the width of the Capri mast. This set up has been used over and over as my girls love tipping the boat over-we keep it on a buoy all summer. They climb the ladder in and tip the boat over at will. Fun game. Never leaks and the boat has never turtle-ed and I don't think it could.