AYC Champions-- Hester/Mayall

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The Arizona Yacht Club championship races were run at Lake Pleasant this past weekend. Winning captains from nine fleets, ranging from Sunfish to Spinnaker Cruisers competed with one crewmember in similar Buccaneer 18's. After each race until a winner was apparent, crews exchanged boats to reduce equipment variability. Saturday brought heavy winds in the 20-30 + kt range, resulting in two capsizes and limiting the day to a single race. Sunday saw winds from calm to about 8 kts and 6 additional races were run. The overall champion was our representatives from the C 14.2 fleet-- Mike Hester and John Mayall. Mike had previously won the fall series in our flleet while John had won the spring series by a slightly smaller margin. Results can be seen at www.arizonayachtclub.org