Automated Start Horn

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I've developed a product I'd like to share with the sailing community to make starts easier for the race committee. It makes practicing starts and running drills easier as well as running smooth regattas. It's essentially a marine horn attached mounted in a dry box powered by a computer. It's designed to be portable and durable. If you want to know more, visit my website at

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It's a different take on the same concept with some newer features. The horn is simpler because it doesn't use a compresser to force air down a tube, it's all built into the horn. It is also all in one complete sturdy package, allowing for better portability than the Ollie which is sometimes mounted to the committee boat. It is also less expensive than the Ollie. I just wanted to provide an alternative to an Ollie, especially for scholastic sailing teams who maybe can't afford an Ollie. It's internal computer is more advanced and can allow for more sequences. Another advance is the ability to muffle the sound effectively without damaging the horn or diaphragm.

I also have an interesting idea availible because of the newer computer. There is a great starting drill where the coach does a two minute start and anytime after thirty seconds, the start can occur. It forces all the boats to be on the line ready to start and holding there spot at thirty seconds. I could build a sequence that randomly generates a start time so a coach could watch the fleet more carefully and this drill could even be done without a coach.