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Harold Knutzak

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I am fairly new here and even newer at sailing. I recently purchased a 1972 fish that needs some attention.
After I flipped it over in the garage last week, I noticed that the clamshell for the cockpit bailer had the tip broken off and the ball is no longer there. I can fix the clamshell but I cannot find any information on the ball. Anyone know what size the ball is or where I can purchase just the ball? I'm keeping this low budget.
Thanks in advance,


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I had a similar problem and decided to "dump" the bailer. :(

The ball (and everything else) is available as an inexpensive kit. I think I bought my last kit at APS. It worked as designed, but I'd later broken the "clamshell" by stepping into the cockpit on solid ground. :oops: (But it hadn't worked all that well, anyway).

I managed to capsize my Sunfish last summer, and climbing back in was fairly easy—bailing took only a minute.

What I'd done with the broken bailer was to replace it with a new plastic (repair kit) plug for a portable gasoline container. However, I managed to knock the plug out by pushing it out with my heel. :confused: Presently the bailer got replaced (and sealed) with two large stainless steel washers with seals on the (one) bolt.

If I had it to do again, I'd go to an auto parts store and find a rubber and steel "freeze plug" that fits the hole. The one bolt can be tightened for a secure seal and should be leak-free. They're "low budget" and shouldn't be very expensive—maybe $4 each.

Harold Knutzak

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Thanks L&VW. I'll take a look thru the APS website. I have read thru 50 pages here and although no mention of the bailer ball, I did learn a multitude of other useful information. I keep you posted on the repairs. Today I will start sanding the bottom in prep for a new (to me) product "System Three Quick Fair" .