Aussie Laser Sailors

Yes, there is a copyright on the Laser logo, which is undoubtedly why there are no laser logos anywhere on this forum. Have a search through the forum archives and I think you'll find some old discussions on this from a North American perspective - I expect the same applies in Australia.

It doesn't surprise me that Ken is already onto setting up a forum - he is certainly keen to get things moving.

That reminds me - Ken runs an Easter Bilby Regatta each year at RQYS in Brisbane. If you are not doing anything this Easter, come on up! It's a great location with perfect sailing conditions, there will be a decent sized fleet covering all abilities, friendly people, on-site camping. It will be worth the trip - especially if the idea of chocolate trophies appeals to you...
I beleave sailing in Australia could do with this idea (Aus laser forum).

Laser fast becoming the dominate class amongst whats left of the functioning sailing clubs.

Any further promotion of the sport can only be a good thing in a time when people perfer there TV and air conditioning, rather than getting out side and having ago.

My 2$
Well done!

I think I will still stay connected to this place as well, but it would be great to see a growing body of info specifically related to Australian Laser sailing.
Hi there at down under,
about a year ago a young beautiful Lady with Australian roots appeared at our lake. One called her Petra and our hole village take care and are proud of her. She is an Australian swan and deep felt in love with a sort of pedal boat that looks like a big white swan. The NY Times did report of her, the Chinese Newspapers, too and in GER, she is already a TV star. During the last winter the CEO of our local zoo took her into his area and the MD for animals checked her up. She had a small damage at one of her legs and got back her health at the zoo. Also they tried to introduce her to the other (male) Australian swans, but this guys of Aussie swans have been to rough to her, so she and her big German lover had to leave again the zoo about a month ago, to live on our lake again like in the last year.
The owner of this big pedal boat (the owner of the sailing school at our lake, Mr. Overschnitt) cares for both and the local credit institue for real estate (LBS) donated Petra a small house that swims on the lake. During the nights, as you can see at one of the attached photos I took at Easter Monday, three Laser Pico's guard this funny couple with their house for that they can live in peace here how long they want.

Surely our GER ladies that just visit Australia get such a care, too. :)

Below you find some more information (sorry, all in German language):



That's a great story Looser Lu, thanks for telling us about it.

We call that bird a Black Swan (Cygnus atratus), they are native to Western Australia which has a major river, the "Swan River" named after it - in which lot's of sailing takes place too (the recent Etchell World Championships were held there).

The swan moves great distances and is also a resident of my local lake - Lake Wallace, NSW. They normally mate for life and are always seen in pairs, so I imagine something must have happenned to her natural "mate". Thanks for taking good care of her.

I have taken lot's of pics of these birds and will attempt to post some later.
G'day aussies,

lovely weather this week end for sailing after the crap weather over easter !

Also a reminder that forum is still there and struggling to take off :eek: so come on lets post some stuff :D

hey all,

I'm an aussie sailor, but not a laser sailer yet. They are racing them in the 2009 world police and fire games in canada, so I want to start training. If anybody can help me with a good used one at a plesant price, that would be great. msg to

and hey, I'm a keelboat sailor, so will need all the help and advice I can get.

Oh yeah, I'm in Adelaide.
yeah I read that, good stuff aussies are the best at Laser :)

been having lots of troubles stopping spam on the forum but I've added some questions when you register, hopefully it will stop them !
The Aussies have a committee to select their Olympic sailors. John Bertrand is the chairman of the selection committee.

By all account Slingsby and Blackburn are the front runners for the Laser spot, with Sarah Blanck and Krystal Weir the leading contenders for the Radial place.
You an Aussie OG? You seem to know our sailors pretty well.

My tip is that we will have Blackburn and Weir representing us in Lasers at the olypmics - just because of their experience and strength in lighter conditons.

There is of course a whole olympic trial campaign still to be sailed and a selection process to follow. I'm sure we will see Slingsby and Blanck represent Australia at future olympics, but they can only pic one sailor in each class.
Looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to geting along and watching the Terrigal Regatta too... a little birdy told me they may need volunteers to help out? I'm sending an email as we speak! heh heh
Hey, who out there is coming to the Laser Masters Worlds in Terrigal? I'm coming down for it from the USA and I am VERY excited about it. It will be both my first Laser Masters Worlds and my first trip to Australia. It will be fun to meet and hang with a bunch of Aussies!