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Attaching a Ratchet w/out inspection port


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I have a 1975 sunfish I bought this summer. The hull is as dry as a bone. I want to add a ratchet for the mainsheet and was wondering if there is anyway to do this without cutting a 5" hole in the deck????

If I have to add the port where should it be placed?

After setting the boat up like this, is there any place to secure the mainsheet when you need a free hand? I have heard that the placement of a swivel lead with a cleat is not a good idea in higher winds (may get stuck). Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!!!:cool:


Fred P

If you don't remove the hook and are not under a lot of pressure (e.g. in a race) you can always put a slip knot in the sheet and put it on the hook.
I notice that everybody hates the hook but it can still be useful. I have both the hook and a block and have never had a skinned knee or any other problem with the hook, maybe because but I don't race.