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i have an antique sailfish and i am moving to area with no water to sail. hull of boat is in good shape mast and booms are in good shape. sail is worn and torn from age. aquired a few years ago but have not sailed many times. new paint on hull of boat "fire red" from "interlux". i am in the process of rebuilding daggar and tiller because of wood rot. i am wanting to know if any one would know the market of an antique sailfish. no trailer and would have to be picked up.


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Maybe you will find a person interested in an 'antique' Sailfish by posting your boat on E-Bay. But the market for such a boat is quite small.
If you were to get $300 for it, you should jump for joy, IMHO. But 'funny' stuff happens on E-bay every so often.

BTW, I hope your fish finds a good home. It would be a shame to have to take it to the dump.
Antique huh? So you have a 1940s wood hull original in tip top condition like these. Sailfish and Sunfish this well kept would definitely get my bid for $500 if I were in the market. You do need to keep in mind these boats were the fun and easy to learn to sail boats for the masses. Something like a Rambler American or Dodge Dart of their day, not quite a Ferrari. IMHO, the later fiberglass variety still have a tremendous intrinsic value for introducing sailing to young and old. I would imagine that’s the same value it holds for you and exactly what I think you can expect when you are ready to pass it along. With so many community sailing programs in need of boats the thought of discarding a working Sailfish would never cross my mind. At worst donate it and take the tax write-off.


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thanks dan yea its an early fiberglass hull. and yes i learned how to sail on that boat and now im on a laser racing so i enjoyed my time on it. all the mast work is still good but the sail is worn and i didnt have the proper teaching of how to take care of a sail during storage so it kinda got damaged early on during the winters.
Aaa -- so in the grand scheme of things age isn’t the only determining factor for antiqueness. Representation archetypal of a past era, unique craftsmanship, and upkeep to preserve the qualities enter into the equation. The reward for all your efforts maintaining these areas is value. Given those aspects and comparing what you have with recently sold Sailfish you should be able to come up with a reasonable price to ask.

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