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Started sailing a Laser a few weeks ago. At 69 I am a pretty old dog to start learning new tricks!
Of course "time in the boat" is the key (not to mention fitness) but I have also been trying to read as much as I can about Laser specific sailing. So far I have read John R. Anderson & Steve Cockerill, watched a ton of video, and now I'm trying to at least review the complete forum Laser. I started at p. 235 and have worked back to p. 90 so far. There seems to be a maximum of 235 pages of postings even though in the last few weeks there have been new pages added.
My question: Do the older postings get deleted to make room for new or are they saved in sort of archive?


The Laser Forum was started in 2002, I believe. I don't think old files are deleted to make room for new. There's the DrLaser archive, but you've probably come across a link for that. I don't have it.