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Aqua Finn Rudder Assembly Wanted

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Mérida, YUC MX
I got as a gift from a friend an Aqua Finn Daysailer's hull but with no other parts. So I am gathering and building the parts I need to sail. I love this project and would like some help finding parts and advice to build what I don't find. Thanks!

beldar boathead

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This article may provide some perspective On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats

Buying used Sunfish parts whereever possible would usually get you parts that are close enough to use on an Aquafinn, but since you are in Mexico there are probably not a lot of used Sunfish parts to be had. If I recall, an Aquafinn rudder is very different than a Sunfish's. Have you looked for parts on eBay?

Alan Glos

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I have owned 2 Aqua Finns and the rudder/tiller assrembly is aluminum and is little complex (springs, lines etc.) Finding one used is going to be nearly impossible as these boats were not that common. However, I think the boats are still being made and new parts may still be available for a $price$. Google "Aqua Finn Sailboat" asnd see what you find. And, yes I am the author of "On the Dubious Merits of Accepting Free Boats" in Beldar's post above. Been there, done that, bought the new rudder/tiller assembly!

Alan Glos
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