Apps with wind estimation

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Dear sailors,

The world of computer science needs your help!

Within the framework of my master thesis I am developing a solution for wind estimation. The solution will use GPS track and boat’s polars as input in order to determine the direction and speed of the wind.

Right now I am conducting a market analysis for existing solutions with similar context.

Do you use any application software (smartphone apps, web apps, pc/mac software) with wind estimation functionality?

Such software may guess maneuver types like tacks/jibes and give feedback about your sailing performance without the need for wind measurement instruments and manual wind data input.

It would already help me if you just right the name of the application you are using.

Any additional feedback about the application usage will be much appreciated.

I am specifically interested in the following questions:

· How accurate is the estimation?

· What do you have to do/how do you have to sail to receive a correct estimation? (e.g. perform specific maneuvers or sail in 3-4 different points of sail)

· What kind of data is estimated? (e.g. wind speed and direction, sea state, wind gusts, estimation confidence, change of wind direction and wind speed)

· How does the application react on wind changes?

· What does the application show if it doesn’t have enough data collected to make a confident wind estimation, for example when the application is starting to record your track?

· What is the main purpose of the app?

Do not hesitate if you want share any further experience and impressions. Feel also free to ignore the questions above and leave a feedback in free style :)