Approximate cost to ship J/24 with trailer from US to Europe

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Im living in the US at the moment but moving back to my homeland (Denmark) next year. I Have been sailing since I was 6 years old; everything from a Laser to crewing on a 50 foot racer. I'm interested in buying a J/24 here in the US and taking it back to Denmark through any port in Europe, preferably Germany, but can't find any estimate on shipping prices.

So my question is how much would it cost ~ to ship a j24 with trailer or without to Europe and if there are any duties to pay? I have no experience in shipping boats; sorry if this is a dumb question.
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The J/24 I own was shipped to Sweden with its trailer by the previous owner from San Diego (US2905), so it has been done. Not sure what the cost might be though.
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If you email me with your address, I will put you in touch with my J/24 friends in Sweden. J/24 Worlds were in Malmo a few years back, so I know there is a good chance of getting good information about shipping. I also have friends who have shipped their boats over for Worlds in EU and they also might be able to help.
My email is and I'm part of the Executive Committee for the IJCA.
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