Anyone sail an Enterprise dinghy before?

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Hi there,

If anyone of you have sailed or raced in an Enterprise dinghy, please share with me your experience. Like how stable it is compared to Laser, how difficult it is to control the lines, etc.

I have seen the picture of this dinghy, it looks pretty similar to a Pico.

Care to share?


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Hi there, the enterprize dinghy AKA the Enter-Barge is much bigger then a pico

in every aspect. they are quite nice boats really, not as fast as the laser, probley alittle more stable and has a high boom great if you want to take little uns on board. the standard blue sails are the boats calling card.

i learnt to sail in a enterprize whith my parents when i was about 5/6 2 adults and 2 children was still comfortable in the 2 yrs we had it it never capsized,

tho that was because we used her as a cruising boat not a racer.
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Thanks Jon... I could be using her for fun racing with another friend of mine... when we go over Thailand somewhere mid this year...

Is it easy to rig up? Do you have any idea where to get its rigging instructions, if any? :))


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hi again, the boat isn't perticually hard to rig,

its been a while since i sailed one but its very simple.

  1. take everything out of the boat, its much easier to work when your not burried under sails and the like
  2. lay the mast down beside the boat make sure the shrouds and the forstay are not tangeled not forgetting the halyards
  3. if theres two of you one person take the for stay the other lift the mast into place whilst your holding the forstay your mate can pasten the shrouds.
  4. Remember to fasten forstay. pulling on a fair bit of tension the winder it is the more you want
  5. now the sails
  6. fasten the tack of the jib to the foredeck with the appropriate shackel
  7. pull the sail up with the halyard, once the sails up get ur mate to pull on the forstay ( i should mention the jib has a bolt rope so it doesn't attact to the forstay) by pulling the forstay from the front of the boat it pulls the mast forward and enabels you to pull the jib tighter
  8. Cleat jib let forstay go slack
  9. slide the main along the boom, fasten to outhaul and clew fastens to front of boom with split pin.
  10. feed main bolt rope into mast and pull up
  11. pull the sail up so the boom is higher then the goose neck, cleat main halyard then pull boom back down to goose neck, this gives tension on the luff
  12. thread the main sheet. atach kicker.
  13. attach rudder.
  14. lDon't Forget the bungs
  15. And most inportantly Have Fun!


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Hey 144679, thanks for your instructions... I couldn't really visualise the rigging process at the moment cos I have not get close to an enterprise before... I shall copy your instructions into notepad and have it printed out so that I can bring it along my trip. Then, I shall one by one follow what you advised...

I just want to try sailing other dinghy other than laser.. and to try a 2 man boat... :>