Anyone out there?

It's winter in Colorado too - boat's in garage but starting to think of warmer days , upgrades and the Western Regional scheduled for 7/18 & 19th @ The Aspen Yacht Club. Start planning your summer vaca. now! Temps of 70's during the day, mid 40's at night in Basalt, CO!
I did the leak/pressure test to my newly acquired '74 sunfish this weekend when the temp got up in the 50s. Couldn't find the leak. I think an inspection port and then I'll be able to dry it out instead of worrying about it. Next is sanding and painting the rudder & dagger boards of both fish.
Warm water is at least 3 - 4 months away here in Michigan. Subjected myself to a little self torture last weekend........made the trip to Chicago for the Strictly Sail Boat Show.:eek: Now I really can't wait until spring!


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The weatherman is calling for temps. in the sixtys over the weekend here in NC. If he got that one right Ill be out on Kerr Lake this Sunday.