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Anyone know the cost to ship a mast and spars?

Alan S. Glos

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In my experience, shipping a set of Sunfish spars can be very expensive, usually more than the cost of the spars themselves so I don't attempt it anymore;
pick-up only. The problem is the length - UPS and other shippers consider them oversize and charge you accordingly.

You may have to get creative. I sold a nice set of spars to a guy in North Carolina once who had a long-haul trucker friend who drove through Upstate NY
from time to time. We met in McDonald's parking lot south of Syracuse off I-81, lashed the spars to the underside of hisrig and away they went! Problem solved.

Are you buying or selling? Where do the spars need to go from and to?

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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I bought a Nacra catamaran mast from someone in Virginia Beach and used www.uship.com to get it to me here in RI. I placed the ad and he called me on his way through Virginia. I had quotes of $500-$1000 but when he called he asked how much I was willing to spend. I paid $200 for the mast so told him $200 to ship. He agreed and put it on a trailer he was towing with a 27 foot powerboat. Worked out great for me.

Sunfish spars end up going as freight on an 18 wheeler so gets very expensive via UPS, FedEx or other carrier.