Anyone know much about a (Fillip) Viper 15?


Thanks for your help. My sailbag mysteriously re-appeared in the locker room. The sails appear to be in good shape except the bolt rope is torn out in several places so I sail it loose footed. The jib has a wire cable in the luff. I ordered some battens from Kerr Sails in Tulsa Oklahoma. I got the boat ready to sail and the bungee snapped on the rudder so I am now trying to replace it.
Well, sorry to say I sold my Viper sailboat. I sold it to a very nice gentleman from around Abiqiui Lake in NM this past weekend, and told him to join you all here. Was very sad to see it go, as the sails were still very crisp and boat was in working order, and loved the lines, but I needed something my younger kids and I could take without them falling off the side. We were given an even more rare sailboat, a 1965 Super Satellite with sails from and old Snipe, all need a fair amount of work. Good luck to you all, thank you for the help, and I will continue to follow this thread for a while. Brian
I happened across a gentleman near San Angelo, Texas (Fillip Mfg Co boats built there) who has a Viper w/trailer in very good condition. I think it was just a barter type deal he did and he knows nothing about a sailboat. I have not seen the boat yet, I only saw a picture, but agreed to help him sale it. From what he told me it will probably need new woodwork (rudder, dagger-board). He has not opened up the sails but was told they're good. I'm going to to drive out and look at it soon and it will then do what necessary to get it on the market. If the hull is in good shape we will use all NOS original parts for replacement making an excellent sailing vessel for someone. As a guess I think it may go for 4750 to $1000 depending on the hull condition. The listing will be at (Viper info here I'll post again when the listing is up. I thought about buying it for myself but have too many boats as it is.
Hi, I live in IL and just found a Viper 15. I know nothing about it. Theres absolutely nothing to it but the boat and hardware. If you could give me measurements for all standing rigging, centerboard, tiller and rudder (if you found that?), that would help so much! respond asap! want to sail before winter hits
I also just got a Viper 15, but without rudder, dagger board or sails. I would like to get a pattern for the rudder and dagger board. I would also like to know if anyone has some used sails.

Functional vs "correct"... vs cost

You can make inexpensive functional daggerboard and rudder from exterior grade plywood, treated with linseed oil/mineral spirits/varnish mix.
Using Google to get pictures and estimated shapes.

sailboat viper 15 - Google Search

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Then you have the issue of the hardware for the rudder. It can be "creatively replicated" It will probably be difficult to locate OEM parts.

Some measurements of the mast, boom, fore stay and base of fore stay to the mast would let a decent sail making shop produce useful sails (if not exactly like OEM) Again with the googled photos to aid in getting it closer to correct.
Some sail makers have the drawings on file to make a lot of OEM style sails. You might find one with the drawings for this boat... or might not.

Then we get to cost... and that is what hurts. The cost of having new sails made will be close to the cost of a similar ready to sail used boat with useful sails.

Sometimes the local sailing club will have a "sail loft" with used sails available at low cost. It doesn't hurt to ask if they might have sails that will work...
Sails that are slightly small work. Sails that are oversize (especially the mainsail) generally don't.
I also have a Viper that I just purchased this summer for $100. It appears to be mostly intact. In fact, I have sailed it a couple of times, but have had to "engineer" a couple of things to get underway. I have the original rudder assembly and dagger board and would happily photograph, measure (or whatever you need) them for you (all).

I learned to sail when I was a teenager but have not sailed since and am 55, now, so I have no knowledge to impart. I do, however, have some questions I am hoping someone can answer.

1. There is a base for the mast mounted topside, toward the bow. The bottom of the mast has a groove. The boat was missing the part that would span the base and fit into the mast groove. I have no idea what it should look like. I purchased a lag bolt at the local hardware store and it works fine, but would like to know about what SHOULD go there.

2. There is a spring-loaded clip on the stern between the two posts that the tiller assembly slides down onto. It is to keep the tiller from slipping off in case of capsize. I broke the thin springy metal piece. Anyone know where I could get a new piece or an alternative?

3. The boom gooseneck slips into the opening in the mast, but slides straight down to the bottom of the slot. Obviously, it should not go down that far since the boom would be too low to swing side-to-side, nor could I duck low enough for it to swing past my head. I assume there should be a lock or stop on the gooseneck to prevent it from sliding all the way to the bottom.

I was thrilled to see some current posts on this thread and look forward to trading some information.

Will send detail tomorrow.
Viper 15 dagger board dimensions. Length 46 in. Width 11 1/4 in. Thickness 3/4 in.
There are strips of wood 1 1/8 in. deep x 5/8 in.wide on each side of top of board to act as stop/handle.
The leading and trailing edges tapered to aerofoil. My board appears original and is mahogany and has a thin covering of fiberglass/resin.
To make a new one I would use a piece of 3/4 in. marine plywood and paint it.
I just was gifted a viper from my grandfather and as you can see in my photo is floats!!! It actually seems to be in pretty good shape. I need to get a few holes in the sail fixed, the jib is fully intact though. The dagger board and rudder are in great shape, my problem is the mast and boom are bent. I know nothing about sailing. Is this something that maybe I can get fixed? or is there a newer version I'd be able to purchase somewhere? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.