Anyone here own an Omega 14?

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Turns out the seller was wrong in his ad, the boat is NOT a Capri 14.2, but a 1977 Omega 14 with no foredeck, just open bow seating and wraparound cockpit benches. Not ideal for rough water, but may be pretty handy for fishing on Willapa River & Bay, once I strengthen the transom and pick up a small outboard. Leave the rig at home during fishing trips, maybe rig the beach umbrella aboard the boat while drifting and use sidearm casts, LOL. I'm gonna think about it a little while longer as I surf more boat ads, aye? Still, for $400 it's a pretty good deal, and I saw a small Evinrude motor for $125, thing's bulletproof... looks ancient, still runs like a top, LOL. Meh, we'll see, just wondering if anyone here owns an Omega 14... I used to sail the original Capri 14s in the mid-'70s, before some other company forced Catalina to change the name, and the original fixed-keel Capris didn't look like the Omega 14 or any Mod (1,2 or 3) of the Capri 14.2. As I recall, the original Capris had a foredeck, fairly narrow horizontal slot under the foredeck for stowage, and a sealed void below the slot for flotation. My memory may be fuzzy too, so much has happened since those halcyon days, LOL... those old Capris weren't bad boats either, though I favored the Lido 14s and eventually the Laser which I restored. Ah, well, I may still buy this Omega 14, depends upon what else is available. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
I have a 1983 Omega 14, sail #1553. It's an OK boat, nice for 3 or 4 people in winds up to 15. $400 is probably a good price if it includes sails & lines. If there is a trailer with it it is a very good price. Do you intend to sail it?
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That's just it, the boat comes with a decent original trailer and the sale does include all sail gear... I DO intend to sail her, but I also intend to put that open bow and wraparound cockpit bench action to good use while fishing on the Willapa River & Willapa Bay, leaving the rig at home and slapping a small outboard on a reinforced transom, AYE??? I'm not gonna be sailing this boat at the performance level of Laser #2069, but I WILL beef up standing rigging, add two-part foam for flotation if necessary, and upgrade all lines, hardware, etc., before driving to Westport, sailing out the entrance channel to Grays Harbor and hitting the ocean. Bear in mind that I won't be racing, but I'll be sailing this craft to the limits of nautical performance for this class, and I'll add some touches which will make life easier overall, LOL. Definitely a recreational rig, but modified to a high level of dual performance (sailing & fishing) so friends & I can enjoy varied boating experiences. Marine safety is always an issue with me, so I'll be sure to boost safety & performance levels if I buy this boat, as much as possible given the nature of this family daysailer, YEAH??? I don't really care about the class distinction, I'll sail this boat like it's never been sailed before, LOL... CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
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Well, I just checked my e-mail and now the seller is changing his tune, not all gear is included so I'm moving on & skipping the purchase, I'll keep looking for a suitable craft on C/L and elsewhere. Wavedancer, ya wanna delete this thread, it won't hurt my feelings, LOL. Wish people would just tell the truth in their ads, but I guess that's too much to ask of the rotten human race, LOL. No worries, at least I didn't waste 3-1/2 hours of driving each way, so I'm ahead of the game... no traffic hassles either in that liberal cesspool known as Seattle, an added bonus. Meh, I'll keep looking, I want a boat with a little more freeboard than a Laser or Sunfish, though I'm sorely tempted whenever I see one of those boats for sale, LOL. I'm getting older now, so the hardcore hiking all day is out, need to sacrifice a bit of performance in exchange for comfort, AYE??? CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
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P.S. I pulled $500 out of one account to pay for the boat and a 3-day DMV trip permit, but now the purchase has gone south... I'm thinking "Vegas Hooker" tonight with the $500, LOL. :eek: