Anyone have experience with buying a 420?

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hey guys,
alright, 2 years ago i got a masters training laser for 2,5k. a year later my brother got an optimist for 2k and now my other brother is getting another opti for 2k like a 420er sailboat, and where i live there arent many for sale but the ones that are go for 4-6k. we dont lack the money, but my parents are refusing to buy one for me and my can i convince them? i have won a few national regattas and id like the 420er as a "funboat - but still capable of racing"

anyone know what i should do? anyone got any tips?

other stuff:

we don´t lack space either, nor are my grades bad.

we own a lakehouse where all are stored, so i dont understand why its a no to buying one

my dad was a professional superyachtcaptain and sailer, and my mum knows he loved 420s so i really dont know why she has a problem with buying one