Anyone have a C14.2 Expo?

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marvinwus said:
I will also like to hear from owners of this boat. I think it would be an ideal boat for single handed sailing.

Yes it would be easier to single hand, but it isn't too hard to get used to a main & jib. The bigger advantages are the ease of rigging, the storage of the mast (which comes appart in two pieces) and the furling main!

I can't wait for Catalina to build a C14.2 with this type of easy rigging, but with a furling main AND furling jib. With a furling main you have lots more control in gusty or (sudden) strong winds. With a jib, you can point higher into the wind.

I'm sure Catalina could do it if they wanted to. Combine all this with a folding trailer (e.g. outfitted with bunks and a winch) and you can store the boat in a car garage!

Ahhhh.... dreams.