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Anyone ever launched at La Jolla Shores?


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Was down there this weekend and was surprised to find out that the place where everyone launches kayaks next to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club also allows trailer-launching of small boats. The lifeguard said Lasers would be fine. Also cats, etc.

I'm looking forward to giving this a try. You get to sail out through small surf, the Cove is nearby and the whole area is a (sub)marine park. Right in front of the Beach & Tennis Club lives a huge school of sand sharks that swim around your legs if you go out about 50 feet. They are completely harmless, however.

If anyone's done it, how was it?




If I am thinking of the right place (I spent a week in LaJolla last month), with the snorkel and long distance swim area on the left, the large public beach in the middle and the LJB&TC to the right, yes it looked like it would be feasible to launch a Laser there - the few days I was biking past there it was pretty light air with flat sea and little or no surf - lots to see above and under the water and up by Gliderport and Blacks Beach. ;-)

While it was light air on the ocean, I went and put a Laser in at Mission Bay - the breeze was at least 5-7 kts stronger and on the east side of Vacation Isle, the sun was shining while the beaches on the ocean were under the marine layer...


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Yup that's the place. There was not a breath of wind when we were there last weekend but I thought it was probably because of the Santa Ana and how that saps any ocean wind.

I love going out in Mission Bay and wish we had that up here. Just being able to land on a beach wherever you want to is great.

I'll probably give the La Jolla place a shot one of these days.

Newport Laser

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I have done this.It was crazy I was launching my boat in 10-14 knots of wind and my boat kept powering itself up and flipping while i was trying to get in.