Any tips how to mount an oar to a Sunfish?


The Sunfish I have is old and does not have the storage area where I can put a small collapsible paddle. Does anyone have tips on how to mount a paddle to a Sunfish. I don’t want to drill holes in the deck.
Suction cups. Good quality double sided tape. Line to tie it to the mast.

Lots of options.
I have never seen waterproof marine double sided tape that would allow removal and replacement of the paddle. Were the boat is will require a paddle to get out far enough to clear some docks so you can tack. I hope there is a tried and tested method someone has used that allows a single hand sailor to use the paddle and stow it when done while moving in the boat.
Now I need to find a paddle that is the right length and a bungee.
Here's the particulars on that paddle in the photo.

Total Length - 64 1/2"
Blade Length - 23 1/2"
Blade Width - 6"
Blade Thickness - 7/16"

Here's a picture of an info graphic on the paddle. I've had it for forever.


And below are stats on the bungee in the photo.



- Andy
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I stopped taking a small paddle but when I did I slid the paddle under the part of the halyard between the bullseye fairlead and the halyard’s cleat. Also under that section of the cleated halyard was the coiled-up excess halyard.