Any thoughts about replacing hull molding

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I recently lost about six inches of the hull molding at the bow of my mod2. The water was choppy at the pier, and the molding snapped off when its lip struck the pier at just the right angle. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to retrieve the broken-off piece before it sank.

Any thoughts about how to repair the area where the molding broke off?

My boat came with a chunk of the rub rail missing at the bow too , I am thinking of finding something close to the original , then trim the existing rub rail and form the new one around the bow . The rest of my rub rail is in fairly good condition so I dont want to invest in a new one all the way around the boat yet .


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How about some pics?? There's alot of variables that would be hard to communicate without visuals. If it's small enough that the rub rail can cover all/most of it, you're gonna be alot better off than if it's a big ole shark bite.

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Plastic rub rail

Try Catalina Parts, Woodland Hills, CA. 818 884 7700
I think you can buy replacement, J shape rub rail for the mod 1 or 2 by the ft.
I was quoted last year $1.26/ft. plus tax & shipping.