Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

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Webfoot: Do you happen to have a picture of this PVC mount?
Breeze bender: Is there a reason for having it on the port side?.
Yes, so it is on the opposite side of the mast from the deck block. It makes it much easier to get the rig all the way up and cleat it so it stays all the way up. Also makes it easier to rig an effective vang.


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I'll try to get a pic this weekend. You can probably visualize it if you go to the hardware store
and look at the pvc t-pipe that has one 2" connection and two very much larger connections.You're
splitting the top off the larger pipe to make a crutch. I got the idea from some else years ago.
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That port side tip was actually pretty helpful my line doesn’t run against the sail anymore. New rigging equipment and battle stick were essential upgrades so much easier to sail and I save my hands. Should be a standard for these boats. Learned a lesson today Always tie a knot at the end of the mainsheet line. Gust of wind hit the sails line goes flying thought I lost it but forgot it’s attached to the back. My sail is flopping in the wind and winds are picking up over 15. Luckily I was able to lower my sail and get the line back.
Where in New Mexico are you sailing? I’m in Phoenix and have a ‘79 Sunfish that I have yet to take out (registration issues with the darned trailer ☹️). I have a friend that lives right by Cochiti Lake, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I’m planning to trailer it out there and do some sailing while visiting him. Cochiti Lake looks really nice - not sure if that’s anywhere near you or not.

- Bob