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The UW-Madison Hoofer Sailing Club's small-but-growing Laser fleet is in constant need of Laser parts.

In particular, we desperately need a couple of rudder & tiller assemblies to get all our sailable hulls out on the water. We are also looking for a Laser Radial sail to help our smaller sailors (strangely enough, we have a Radial lower mast section...).

If you saw our boats, you would know we're not looking for anything near race-quality, so here's a good opportunity to unload any old/beat-up Laser stuff and help get new people into the class.

We accept donated, as well as partially-donated, boats and equipment as a 501(c)(3) organization. Here's some fine-print: By law I cannot offer tax advice (nor would you really want me to - I can't even correctly fill out my own 1040 form!) on potential tax benefits to you for donating your boat to our club; however, I can suggest you consult your tax advisor to determine if donating your boat could fulfill your economic needs. We have more information at

If you have anything you are interested in donating or selling cheap, please drop me a note.


Geoff Sobering
Where are you guys located? We have a number of used laser parts and obviously plenty of new parts as well as some used lasers and a radial for sail. We are in northern MA.
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