Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

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Any Chesapeake Bay 14.2 sailor here?

I have been sailing the upper Chesapeake in the last few months. Just wonder if anyone wants to get together to do some sailing for a day or two (flotilla cruising in the Bay?). Please PM me or post here. Thanks.


I sail a 1986 14.2 on the South river just south of Annapolis on route 2. Where do you usually launch? I've had trouble finding good public places to launch.

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There are plenty public ramps here in the upper Chesapeake bay. I use Port Deposit, Havre De grace, Perryville or Betterton. I checked Chesapeake Bay Chart book, I didn't find any near South River at all. The closest one I see is on the other side of Bay bridge in Metapeake State Park. Can you use near by Marina? :)

I am not exactly sailing the Chesapeake Bay, my wife and I sail our 14.2 out of Leesylvania State Park, VA, on the Potomac river. But you are the only other 14.2 boats I've heard of that are even remotely close to me. I bought my (used) 14.2 earlier this year and have had it out 4 times now. Still learning how to handle it. It had been 12 years since I had sailed before, but things are coming back and I am getting more confident with the way my boat handles. I would like to try sailing the Chesapeake sometime, but would have to trailer it a ways to get there. Keep in touch. Who knows how many other boats may be spread out around the area unaware of each other.
Excellent, I'll have to check out some of those sites to see how close they are to me. The place I launch at on the south river is actually a marina. They charge me $15 every time I launch, which isn't too outragous, but the sailing the south river is pretty nice. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this weekend. How is the sailing on the potomac? Also where do you guys keep your boat? I've been keeping mine on the trailer at a friends apartment complext in the parking lot. I'm hoping to find a place to keep on the bay where I can dry sail it and keep it rigged. Any ideas?

Another Chesapeake Bay Sailor !

It seems our numbers are growing ! That's great now if we could only get together.
I sail out of Cape St Clair/Annapolis. I've been sailing my 14.2 since May when I purchased it. Have already had the delightful experience of turtling it. I usually sail alone and it would be great to sail with some other Capri 14.2's
Let me suggest Sandy Point State Park (near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge) as a meeting place for some time in September. They charge $5 per person to enter the park and the use of the launching facilities are included. There is food available and picnic facilities. Check it out at
Hope to hear from you guys.
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Well...... I don't mind to drive down to Sandy Point (2 hours) to meet up. May be we can head up to St MIcheals or Rock Hall anfd back for the weekend. :)

Where do you guys launch at Sandy point? I scoped that place out and it seemed that you either had to have a motor to launch out the narrow channel where all of the motor boats launch, or you had to carry your boat across the sand at the small boat launch facility.
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I have never been at Sandy point so I can't really answer your question. But for a long narrow channel, it really depends on the skills of the sailor and wind condition. But I often cheat; I use my Honda outboard :eek:. But recently I actually leave the motor at home. Capsizing with Honda outboard is really no fun, been there and done it. :mad:

If we get together at Sandy Point, I guess those who have outboard can give the non motorized C14.2 a tow to get out the bad spot. The 2HP Honda has plenty of power. :D :D :D

I sail the Middle River near Chase, MD just north of Baltimore. Its pretty good, although can get a little rough at times. I'd be happy to travel to Sandy's Point, too, for a group sail.
WOW - it sounds like we have 4 possible boats - this could turn into a regatta!
I haven't launched at Sandy Point my self but I see where the channel leading in and out is narrow. If we were lucky there is quite frequently a Southeastern wind which should be OK for getting in and out of the channel. If not I also have a Honda outboard and could tow other boats.
Anyone want to suggest a date in September ?
Also we might want to start e-mailing directly rather then using this forum. My e-mail address is
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Originally posted by Bob_Sievers
WOW - it sounds like we have 4 possible boats - this could turn into a regatta!
:D :D :D

I am Ok for most weekends, just give me a heads up early to make some rearrangement.

If Paul, our forum owner does not mind, I prefer post directly on the board instead of keep this offline. This will help all other onlookers wanting to get involed and be active. It also simulates sailors in other areas get to gether to sail more.

Bob, I will PM you.

Dates for Sandy Point Meeting

After consulting with my wife ( a non-sailor) and the Calendar let me suggest the weekends of Sept 11-12 or the 25 - 26th. I deliberately avoided the Labor Day weekend. Does either of these dates work for the rest of you ??
To all Chesapeake Sailors

underDAWG and I have set a date of Saturday - Sept 25th to meet at Sandy Point for a day of Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. We hope that the rest of you can join us. The more the merrier. I'll follow up with a time but for now reserve the 25th.
Please let me know if any of you can make. I will follow up with further details.
visit for details of the Park.

I am still waiting on the paperwork (registration, title & license) for my boat and trailer to come back from the state of VA. I hesitate to pull it out of state with just the temporary documentation. It has been kind of frustrating because I bought the boat in May and for some reason the boat yard a purchased it from has been holding on to the paperwork. They still had it the last time I was there about two weeks ago. Hopefully, I will have it by September. I will keep the 25th of September open just in case. My wife and I will be on vacation and plan to visit Strasburg, PA, late next week. We may make a side trip to Sandy Hook on the way home to check it out. I think it would be great to see how many boats we can actually get together. Thanks for taking the lead on organizing a group sail. Hope to see everyone on the water.

richaplain - a.k.a. - Tom
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Thanks for the heads up Bob. we will be there.

Tom, hope you can make it..... :)

We are heading out to do more sailing today. Weather says up to 9 mph wind. I hope this will make up for last Sunday. :D :D :D IT was dead calm and we were motoring aimlessly seekinbg for wind.
:mad: :mad: :mad:

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I am sure we are going to be there in the PM unless there is no wind :rolleyes:. will email with the cell number so that we can connect.

I know it has been almost 9 years since the last entry in this thread but I am interested in sailing out of Sandy point and would love to hear any experiences you had and if the group got together once or more.