anti fouling paint: how to apply?

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I just purchased a Capri 14.2 yesterday. I am going to put in on a mooring in salt water and I was told that I need anti fouling paint to prevent barnacles. I bought the primer & paint, but I'm working by myself. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the boat off the trailer (which doesn't look too tough) but how do you safely flip the boat over? Has anyone tried this by themselves? THanks.

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It's best if you get some help in flipping it. (At least two guys, maybe 3) Put down lots of padding on the ground first!
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painting boat on trailer

To follow up - I was advised that its much easier to simply leave the boat on the trailer, paint the area of the hull you can see and let it dry. After that, just shift the boat a bit to expose the unpainted parts and apply paint there. I did that and it seems to work ok. I'm finally good to launch. :)
having done both I can assure you the time it takes to gather two friends and flip the boat is well worth it (provided you do not have a fixed keel :D )
much better paint application and much easier no to paint when flipped over