Another trailering question...

Two questions with many answers......

First, do you plan on trailering with both boats right side up or one upside down? I have stacked a laser upside down on my rightside up sunfish before with 4x4's with foam on them in between the two as an emergency get to the race rig. (Put sunfish on bottom. Its tougher.) You could cut out bunks to fit both boats right side up that slide onto posts for a super safe rig. You could just build a rack to fit them both upside down. Lots of choices. I'd reccomend doing a search on this site for ideas.

I don't fasten anything to the bow of my boat when I trailer, just straps fore and aft of the max. beam. That padeye isn't fastened to anything I'd like to trust my fiscally irreplaceable pride and joy to....
Slightly going off topic, when car topping how do people secure the front of the boat if the bow eye is so week ?
For car-topping I just use two ratchets and my Thule Rack- no bow tie-down necessary. I actually use a bow line and my bow eye for holding the front of the dolly to the bottom of the (upside-down) laser.

I'm glad this bow eye discussion came up though - I was really pissed the other day when at my weekly series they forced me to get towed in even though I had breeze to sail in and I was out there on my own volition. The reason I was pissed was because I had to get in a tow line, and with my bow line tied through the bow eye and up to the boat in front of me, I had another laser and a JY-15 in tow behind me. I was just waiting for my bow eye to rip out...
I had to get towed in at the ACC's yesterday after breaking my traveler block (Sister hook snapped) whist rounding the windward mark. Man was I pissed!

But yeah, through the bow eye and then tie to the mast.
It's best to avoid running the tow line thru the bow eye at all - just directly to the mast.
It's best to avoid running the tow line thru the bow eye at all - just directly to the mast.
agreed. the only line that should be on that boweye is your bowline. the bowline should be used to tie up at a dock, or floating ramp,etc. also, maybe to wrap around your seitech or dolly handles while on land.

towing should be done with the towline around your mast from the boat ahead and then back to a boat behind you. this line should never pass through the boweye.