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Hello everyone. I am thinking of purchasing a 14.2, and was wondering how the boat sails single handed? I sometimes will have a crew, but sometimes not. My experience in sail boats was about a hundred years ago. I had a Hobie 18. That was the hardest boat to sail alone I have ever seen. Everything was "pull and strain your guts out" trying to keep up with the thing. So that is why I am asking this question. I want something a little more tame (fun) for a fat old man with a cold beer in his hand.
I weigh about 130 lb. and I single hand my boat in up to 15 knots of wind without any problems. I find it quite enjoyable and hardly any work in any wind up to 12 kts. after that I may have to start hiking more and have to be a little careful when single handed but but the sails still easy to manage. At any rate it should be much easier to sail alone than the cat.

Where do you sail and in what kind of conditions?

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Thanks Kris,
I will be sailing on Canyon Lake, and Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. The conditions vary greatly due to the unpredictable Texas wind and weather. Most times will be in 6 to 12 winds. In the evenings, the breeze drops off to almost nothing.
Sailing on Lake Travis and Canyon Lake solo in an Omega

:) Now that the lake levels are back to normal I think you will enjoy Lake Travis or Lake LBJ. My Omega handles the Texas summer winds sailing solo quite well, just watch out for the CB's(Thunderstorms). I think the best sailing around here is in the Winter and Spring. If the winds are right, late afternoon and early evening are a lot cooler too.