Another new Capri 14.2 owner

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Just got my boat this weekend. 1989 Capri 14.2. Never sailed but always wanted to. Hope to get it in the water soon. Have some members of a local sailing club offering to teach me the ropes so to speak. Looking forward to it. Anyone from Northern Indiana on the list? Jib is worn, anyone know of a good place to purchase sails?
Welcome Steve

Hello Steve, are you close to Elkhart, IN? Our club has 2 Capri 14.2s we sail on Eagle Lake in Southern MI. I would love to see 3 of us sailing together sometime.
I saw a set of one year old North racing sails on Craigslist about six months ago, that were less than a year old, that did not sell for his asking price of $500.00. I now wish I had at least talked to the guy, but too late now.

Where are you at in Indiana? I am in Muncie, we have two Capri 14.2 at the Muncie Sailing club, and are out most weekends. We would love for their to be a third, makes racing a little easier.

Any questions or help you need let me know.

Racing is the best way to get you sea legs...:) That's how I learned to sail my Capri, last year, problem is I was the only dingy against a bunch of Cruisers. It was fun betting them.

Sailorem. I will look for you at the next Potters weekend. Looks like it is scheduled for 10/16.