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So I have read through the threads here on mounting a ladder to the transom of a 14.2. We purchased a used 1996 boat last summer and had a fantastic time of it on our local Wisconsin lakes-even entered a local race on lake Superior and took 7th overall and class (Beating all the 420's!!!). Bragging aside, I feel we need a ladder as I cannot get into the boat, nor can my wife (we have not dumped it yet, but I have been VERY close out solo). So... no one mentions conflict with the rudder. I obtained a 'deal' ladder that I can make work, but it sits proud of the transom and I need to move it way over to the side (starboard in this case) to get enough clearance. Before I cut the hole in the seat to mount it, from those who have done this, is there room to go to the right??? I can suck it up and buy the Garelick 19615, but I would like to try and use what I have in hand first. Also, what size Beckson deck plate will fit on the vertical of the seat?

Thanks in advance

I mounted a ladder on my Capri with only three 1/4 inch drill holes, and a backing plate. No large hole drilled in to the side that can leak. It has worked fine for two years.
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