Another Baby Bob attachment option

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There are many solutions out there, so I thought I'd add another into the mix. This is a relatively simple option that allows for symmetrical mounting without any modification to the Baby Bob brackets. I decided to use a painted wooden block clamped between two aluminum bars. The result is a very solid connection to the mast.

The basic components include:

1. Flat aluminum bar cut to two short lengths
2. A wooden block, cut to fit between the brackets
3. Spray paint to protect the wooden block
4. Stainless bolts and locking nuts
5. Nylon washers to act as spacers inside the mast head.
6. Optional wing nuts if easy removal is required.


I found that two nylon washers on each bolt attaching to the mast was sufficient as spacers to center the bracket. The wood is properly primed and painted for optimal protection.

Two new holes were drilled on each side of the mast, just above the masthead sheave.

This approach only attaches to the front of the Baby Bob brackets, but the bolts can be tightened as much as necessary and the clamping action really grabs the brackets.

I used locking washers and wing nuts on the two bolts passing through the Baby Bob brackets, to allow for easy removal. I may replace these with nylon lock nuts if I have any issues with them loosening.