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Tomorrow, if all goes right, I will be bringing home what looks like a really nice 1972 Sailfish. My son wants to learn how to sail, and we have been trying to choose between a1960's Sunfish, a really nice 1975 Minifish 2 (just $400!), and this Sailfish. I have to admit that I was surprised when we chose the Sailfish (I really wanted that Minifish 2!), but there were some good reasons for doing so:
- it is uncomplicated.
- it would make a nice diving platform, easier to get back into (onto?) than a Sunfish
- two people can sail on it. That is difficult on a Minifish.
- it is light(er) than a Sunfish for easier car topping (for him. I don't car top anything anymore!)
- it will fit on my Kayak trailer with my Minifish (the Sunfish was just a little bit too wide)
- it is easy and inexpensive to get new sails for it, which was my major concern with the Minifish 2.

That was our reasoning at least. If all goes well tomorrow we will see if our reasoning was right!

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Sweet! Looks like she is all there in the photos with a nice 5 panel sail.

They are definitely uncomplicated, and versatile. You can use it as a SUP or sit on it and paddle with a kayak paddle. Kayak paddle works as a SUP paddle also. Two people is fun, the extra ballast keeps her a little more stable. I would use the sail she has.

As for capsize recovery we found that boarding back by the stern was easier, you can reach across to the far side for a hand hold. Also easier to board forward by grabbing the mast. I could not reboard amidships, I could not reach the fat hand rail plus I'd have to crawl over the handrail. YMMV.



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Rare to find a Sailfish sail in such good condition. Also, I’ve never seen a mainsheet cleat on a Sailfish. Pretty cool! Rudder and daggerboard look nice, too. Looks like it needs a little fiberglass work, but nothing you can’t fix up easily. Be sure it’s not too heavy, maybe ask the seller if they can easily turn the boat over by themselves.
I think you should grab the Minifish II as well! They are quite rare! You could always use a regular minifish rig with it, or even a Sunfish rig for a wild ride. I’ve got a Mini II but it’s identical to my Mini (I) with the exception of the cleat.
Have a blast with your Sailfish, Seaotter5!



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I would love to be able to buy the Minifish 2. I really enjoy my regular Minifish, much more than I ever enjoyed my old Sunfish. Unfortunately I only have so much "play money". And space. I have 7 canoes (2 with sail rigs) 4 kayaks, and now (hopefully!) two sailboats out back. I am thinking it is time to thin the fleet a bit!