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Anchor for laser Bahia


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I am about to buy a Laser bahia and wanted to know
1. Which type and size anchor good for Bahia
2. Outboard engine size ?


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Depends on where. Sailing on a muddy tidal estuary with 3 mph tides max and max depth of 6m we use 10lb cqr anchors and 10m of chain with a further 50m of rope on heavy club dinghies.
Outboards? We have gone electric. We use epropulsion spirit plus. These are equivalent to 3hp and would be fine for a Bahia. We use them on the heavy club cruising dinghies which are much heavier than a Bahia.
We went electric because of reliability and ease of use. Motor stays on the boat and is water proof. Battery is charging in the clubhouse and will float. User just picks up the battery sticks it on the motor and off they go. No hassle. No mess, no danger and we do not have to store hazardous fuel so better insurance rates. Also they have a time read out so the user knows exactly how much run time is left.
You may have gathered that we really like electric and only use petrol now on rescue boats. When the time comes to upgrade them the rescue boats will go electric as well.