An era **may** have passed...

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Some may have noticed that attempts to post to the venerable Laser and Master's e-mail lists have been bouncing (,

This is all I know (from brief correspondence with Will Sadler):

Apparently, the e-mail server started to die and needed replacing and the company that has been providing the hosting for this list all these years (and for free) did replace the server around 10-11 days ago. However, and I don't know why, the laser and masters e-mail lists somehow didn't make it to the new server during the upgrade and are not yet working (obviously).

The good news is that the web archives ARE still available.

Will Sadler is doing further investigation. I'll try to post updates as I know more.

Hopefully, it is not yet the end of an era!

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I would guess the majority are here already, but there will always be a few who just don't embrace change, so the only way they will come over is if the list server stays "broken" The lists have been very quiet the past year.


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The list will not be dead forever. Tracy and I are working on a new agreement to bring the list back with some level of intergration to this website.

The main problem is the list of email addresses may have been lost. If anyone happens to have done a "who" request on the server and has the addresses stored somewhere on there computer please send them to me via email or PM. Obviously, attempting a who request on the server now will not do any good as the majordomo program is not there any more.

I will post updates when I get them.

it would be very sad,

if the email-lists at in future not would be online. I learnt (and still learn) a lot from all that messages there. It is not only the ton of netto-informations about our watersport, its the (for aliens like me) interesting way people discuss with peole in NA :)

Many Thanks to have been allowed to read there.

That was allways a great experience for me. F.e. my "English for runaways" climbed up to the better level "English for advanced-runaways" (as you now can prove here at TLF) and
I never will keep out of my mind the dicussions like them f.e. of Mr. `keeldude´ and Mr. `drLaser´ or the way Miss/Mrs `Rebecca´explains things.

Several summaries drLaser made out of discussions at the email-lists and the result were found again at the websites.

In addition my opinion is, NA-Laserites may have an own forum/email-list for NA-specifical themes. No Laser-district on planet Europe has none at their district-websites and only one needs a submitt to see the threads.

If there is something of importance is to discuss, one can see at the email-lists, immediately the members awake again and the talk runs. Often with really good thoughts.
It would be great if the lists can be get alive again in future, good work on that.

We have a saying in good old GER. (here 1:1 translated to English): "What for the 1st is his owl is the nightingale for the 2nd". If it is easier for some Laserites to communicate by an email-list, then better make a new email-list for not losing that good friends for ever.

-a fan of the worlds famous email-lists of


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The Laser email list is not dead and will return shortly. Do not fear. I will post more information shortly.