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Amsteel Blue soft shackles

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Hi Everyone,
I am here let everyone know that I am making Amsteel Blue soft shackles (7/64 and 3/16 right now). I am not commercial nor do I have a business. I do this in my free time and enjoy making things people find useful.
I started using Amsteel Blue in the hammock world, then decided to get more into it. I have made a several sales, many to the sailing community for racing and have received high praises for my work and for additional orders.
I have all colors for 7/64 and only blue for 3/16.
Soft shackles
7/64 - 2" diameter $8 (pair)
7/64 - 4" diameter $9 (pair)

Continuous loops
7/64 - 8" diameter $8 (pair)

I can ship small orders in large envelope without tracking for $2. I will have receipts to show shipped. $4.25 with tracking if you prefer. Larger orders I may need to use the $4.25

I will also post in the classified section but want to give people a chance to ask more information and see photo.

Not open for further replies.