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Amsteel Blue soft shackles made to order

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Hi Everyone,
I am here let everyone know that I am making Amsteel Blue soft shackles (7/64 and 3/16 right now). I am not commercial nor do I have a business. I do this in my free time and enjoy making things people find useful.
I started using Amsteel Blue in the hammock world, then decided to get more into it. I have made a several sales, many to the sailing community for racing and have received high praises for my work and for additional orders.

I have all colors for 7/64 and only blue for 3/16 and I only use the Button Knot.
Soft shackles
7/64 - 2" diameter $8 (pair)
7/64 - 4" diameter $9 (pair)

Continuous loops
7/64 - 8" diameter $8 (pair)

I can ship small orders in large envelope without tracking for $2. I will have receipts to show shipped. $4.25 with tracking if you prefer. Larger orders I may need to use the $4.25

Please message me if you are interested in anything!!


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Dear Amsteelgear,

Perhaps you could take a look at how Sunfish are rigged and and sailed and then suggest where & how your soft shackles might be effectively used. Those who race Sunfish have to make sure that they stick to "one-design" rules and requirements. However, most Sunfish owners are not necessarily bound to the narrow orthodoxy that class racing requires and might be willing to try some improvements that you might suggest.

Just a thought. Good luck!



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HI AQBill,,

Thanks for the info! I had no idea. I sold to an Etchell World Champion and he was impressed and ordered 20 more! So I figure maybe other people would find it useful. I received one possible use as a backup to the mainsheet blocks on the boom in case pop rivets fail.

I guess you could say I am starting to get into the sailing community and will eventually start learning more and more. Looks like I fall into the rigger group.
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