AMF Sunfish

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This listing is for a pre 1971 Sunfish. The boat comes with a brand new sail that has never been used and was made in the USA. Daggerboard is in excellent condition and looks great. Rudder is the classic style with brass attachment. Original paint on the top deck. The boat does have a few minor scratches and chips on deck. The bottom has had some fiberglass work done to it, but it was done very well and looks great. Please contact me with any questions at 864-247-6031


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Fyi - your boat is a 68 at newest. 71s had storage compartments in the cockpit, and starting in 69 boats had racing stripes on the deck.
Thank you for the information, must have been looking at something wrong on the numbers. I appreciate the help, I will look at the numbers later today and correct the date then. Sorry for confusion on age everyone.
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I am interested; you are not too far from me. Does the price include the trailer or is that additional?
Trailer would be additional, I would only charge an extra 200 for it. Feel free to give me a call at 864-247-6031 with any questions. If you would like to come by this week or sometime just call me.
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