AMF Flying Fish

That's a tough one.
The mast was made of Fiberglass and was tapered. I would say it was about 20-22'
You might have more success modifying an existing mast that has a bolt rope feeder

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I don't think this will work, but if you have a windsurfing shop in your area, take the sail by and see if they have an old windsurfing mast that you could adapt - I think it will be too short, and a new windsurfing mast will be too expensive, but this may be the only source of the type of mast the Flying Fish had these days. BB :rolleyes:
I have a couple of old windsurfing masts. I don't think they will work though. My friend has a Flying Fish and the mast is much bigger around at the base than a windsurfer mast, at least if i recall correctly. I would definately keep looking for ways to make it work though. The Flying Fish looks like it would be an awesome boat. It looks like it would be very fast. I have never seen my friends in the water.
"Work" is a relative term. Technically, if you sheared down the end of a long 2x4 it would "work". But no, I don't think a Force 5 mast would perform as the original mast was intended to. The orginal mast was fiberglass and very wide at the base. The glass, I am assumign was chosen of aluminium because it allows for controlled bend. But, on the otherhand, if you hae a force 5 mast laying around, you could give it a go.
I am wondering how hard it would be to make a glass mast. I wouldn't know where to start.
Why don't you give me some measurments, like the diameter of the hole in your deck, and the height of your sail (I forget which letter this is, but I know it is not 'J') and I'll measure the old sailboard masts that I have. If we can find a match, you and I can work something out, or you can probably find one locally. These things ar basicly obsolete and are generally a dime a dozen.
Let me know.
And feel free to email me; Jack.Herbert at
Did you ever get a mast? I have an AMF Flying Fish and could give you measurements. I also work in the composites industry and could tell you how to make one. 4 island Lake with cynthia 024.JPG


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That's a tough one.
The mast was made of Fiberglass and was tapered. I would say it was about 20-22'
That's a heck of a mast!:eek:

In the Florida Keys, I see 2nd-hand fishing outriggers that run about $25 each. :cool:
You probably won't be able to buy just one. :confused:


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I just picked up a Flying Fish for a song. It's missing the mast, but I work in composites, and figure I can come up with something of a replacement. Can someone post mast dimensions? The most I've got so far is about a 4 1/4 base od and about 22 feet long. Thanks.


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Stu, did you make any progress on the mast? I have a chance to obtain the same boat and am wondering about options for repairing spits in the Mast.

Steve in NJ