AMF Flying fish- Looking for Info.........

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I have a AMF Flying Fish with a trailer, I have owned it for over 20 years. Can any one tell me more about this boat ? there is very little info about it on the web and what do you think this kind of boat is worth ?? any help would be great...... I think I'm going to try and sell it.


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I owned a flying fish. It was a great boat with super comfort. I discovered a number of quirks and worked out some solutions but as you are selling your boat....

When I sold my boat, I went to and looked at their boat prices. The 'fish are all there, just punch in the year and go.

I do not regret having owned the flying fish, nor do I regret selling her either. I used the proceeds (meager as they were) to help get into sunfish. I would like to eventually get a current generation (1996 or newer) 'fish because the cockpit is rounded like the old flying fish.

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Thank you for reply.........keithsnfish,

I like the Flying Fish my self, But I need a Sun Fish for my two young girls thats easier for them to handle and rig on their own.

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