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amf amflite


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I just aquired a sunfish type boat. The sticker on the hull reads amf amflite. The hull and sail appear to be the same size as the sunfish. The cockpit has rails Vs straps. It has a two piece wooden splash rail. I have searched the web, but found nothing. Can anyone provide any infomation on this boat. Any and all info would be appreciated.


beldar boathead

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What you have there is a discount version of the Sunfish that AMF made for a few years. It had a molded-in splashrail and cockpit (all molded as a one piece deck molding - pretty much a Sunfish size version of a Minifish.) It had rolled deck edges just like current fish - so it was ahead of its time. You can't race it against Sunfish, but it is a fine boat if it does not leak. Can't recall the rudder fittings, but all other parts, and maybe the rudder too, will be interchangeable with a Sunfish. BB


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BB,Thank you so much for the info. Do you know if any windflites were made with a wooden splashrails, my rail is two piece screwed to the deck. Boat seems heavy, how much is it supposed to weight?
Attached are pictures that might help.