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No, I don't have that one, but I do have a slew of trophies from minor league regattas. Thoughts on what to do with them?
I would prefer to see them go to a 401c3 program, but other suggestions are welcome.


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Larger Goodwill Stores accept them, and I was just reading that Goodwill recycles old bras. :oops: (Not "old brass").

Also here:
"We hear almost every day of folks that have old trophies collecting dust and they don't want to throw them away to the landfill; they'd rather make a useful contribution to others. For over 30 years we have accepted these treasured awards and recycled them for parts or re-engraved and donated them to non-profits". ~Donna Gray, president of Total Awards & Promotions
Recycle Your Old Trophies in a Trophy Recycling Program "

To keep the award "around", I've taken a razor blade to the aluminum event label (sliced it off the trophy) and reattached it to a large walnut plaque—in no particular order. :)