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For Sale: AmericanSail 14.6 roller furling jib (with furler); $250.00


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Upgraded boat to a Catalina 16.5 with fixed keel in 2017 and sold AS14.6. Sail dimensions are.
Luff 13.79'
Foot 6.17'
Leech 12.167'
Mast height 20'6"

I sailed with two concrete blocks , one on each side of keel trunk to make boat extremely stable. Never flipped it or turtled it. Sail was used only 6 times before I sold boat without it.

You remove your jib forestay and install this one.

Upnorth Sailor

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Is this jib still for sale? Also, I’m intrigued by the concrete block idea. I live on a very windy lake, I’ve gone over so many times I have to limit when I can sail. The slightest white showing on the waves, and its no go.