Ambiguities & Conflicts in the new ILCA RULES



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I had a list of questions about the new Laser Class Rules that presumably might need some clarification or confirmation. (The answers to some of these questions were communicated to me informally or privately by ILCA, but such comments do not imply a formal interpretation or rule change, and hence are not recognized here.)

The list is based on questions I faced during 2002 in my efforts to translate the rules for some European Sailing Federations, plus a scan of my rules-related posts on the NA "Mailing List" in 2002 in which not all sailors shared my views, and on some current questionable practices.

The list also includes questions about confirmations of implied changes in the old ways of rigging, for those who plan to continue using some of the old rigging. The answers to some of these questions may be obvious from the text of the rules, but were not obvious at least to some Laserites on the Mailing List.

A total of 41 questions are offered in the article at the URL below. This list was previously published on the Mailing List, but as this is a new discussion medium and the topic still extremely relevant, I believe the members of this Forum should also be aware of them.

Please see:

The 41 questions/conflicts/ambiguities are listed in the order of the related rules. The related articles of the Rules are also provided for your convenience.

This list was communicated to ILCA Executive Secretary Jeff Martin on Wed, 17 Apr 2002 20:47:06 +0300. ILCA Measurer and World Council have since addressed these (and other) issues, discussed them in various "World Council" meetings, but to date, have not been able to make any formal announcements about the resolution of any of these matters. Any resolution is still expected to take "months".

These questions have very serious implications on how you can rig your Lasers, and sometimes even on the future of Lasering world-wide.

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Shevy Gunter
Editor, drLaser
Member, ILCA

NOTE: All Laser racers should be aware of these issues, and hence, if possible, I would like to leave this reference as a "sticky" until ILCA formally addresses these rules issues. This message is protected by the US intellectual property laws and can not be edited or oterwise changed by anyone other than the author.