Aluminum Trim Section...

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'Need about 14 inches of trim to match the gentle curve area located by the drain plug in the deck. (Cut it out from a similar piece already damaged—then buy a replacement—using the proceeds to help fund it). :cool:

My latest Sunfish was delivered with a heavily-corroded 5-inch section of trim. :oops: (Fourteen inches for easier / cheaper, USPS mailing). :)
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Thanks for the prompt reply. :) I'll be changing addresses in about two weeks, so I'll advise (by email) after I've made the trip.

As for finish, I'll have to take a closer look. :oops:


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L&VW, if you are still looking for trim, I have an entire boats worth. It's on a Scorpion and you can have it if you want to come down and get it.