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Alpex Alumacraft S-12 1970 12 ft - looking for its value

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I have a 1970 Alpex by Alumacraft 12 ft. in decent condition. Fiberglass is good - just faded. Sail and mast are good. Sail had a tear, but was repaired a few years ago. Center board (aluminum) and all other parts are here and in good condition. We've had it for more than 20 years. Sails fine but we no longer use it. Any idea what it's worth? Want to sell it, but I want to be very reasonable in the price. I have no clue to its value. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Try a new thread in the "Sunfish Talk" forum—or...

Nothing on prices, but you've got some Alpex company at this thread here:
Alpex by Aluma Craft?

So few were made that selling parts wouldn't help you. I'd settle for $400. $600 if it's perfect.

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